12 April 2015

cannot draw

So, I have been attempting to draw anime... I have been told that a person's worst critique is usually themselves but.... I cannot draw anime. I can animate, I can paint and draw many different things, just not people. In due time, off I get drunk enough to get past my own worst drawings and do something, I will start the smiles episodes as I have been trying to. It may not be good but at least I did something besides manage a convenience store. My book, however, will not be published until I can get a better computer that will let me do so.

Dealing with new people at work who do not do anything sucks. Almost had him quit. I know his mommy stopped him from doing so.

Maybe I'll start off horrible and later and later become good or better at it. Still have 12 people who are willing to be voices... wish I had an artist who can draw people though....

Thank you and goodnight....

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