12 April 2016


I have been working nights now. I have new dlc for a video game I love. These two things I have been doing besides writing. Once I get into the writing again, Maybe after I am finished with my game I will finish the book. June or July hopefully. Maybe that is something I said before and will keep to.

12 February 2016

i understand

No sleep for a few days, been working hard in my next projects. By hard I mean I've hand written nearly so much...

Started two things at work with the high school drop out. I've been using big words to confuse the he'll out of her and when she says something I do not care about I say something right back. It pisses her off and yet she has yet to learn to just shut up and do her fucking job. It's like working with a child.

Just venting to no one
 Thank you and good night.

05 February 2016

cigarettes and coffee

Okay so there is something wrong with my camera and trying to upload an image. Without being able to show off what it looks like it will be hard to explain... Unless you saw the commercial like creation that was made, I believe, over two years ago.

Anyways, created a layout for the next portion. Will attempt to do something.

31 January 2016

quitter damn

So I quit smoking which means something different to me than many others I guess. I still smoke when I drink which is about once a week or when I feel like killing my coworker and she pisses me off much. She called out yesterday because she was hung over and today she wants my sympathy because she had to come in... Okay enough bitching.

Turns out the constant threat of rains may delay the work on my office for the next few months or so. Instead I plan on creating a quick solution to my problem which should work and move my progress along, but not exponentially unfortunately.

Finally, the books I have been working on. Due to my attention span I have been forcing my self to work on them, I just end up working on other projects at the same time. Though I am still hopeful something will be shown by June.

I leave off on one note: if you can't come into work after a night of drinking then may be you shouldn't be drinking. I'm four years older than her and I still pull all nighters and can come to work the next day at four am.

Thank you and good night.

28 January 2016

because it's purple

Stopped smoking for now. Almost a week now I think. Been working on the things as mentioned in previous posts.

Now, I have the concrete down for the building for my office. Just need to find or buy the rest of the needed materials for it. Not sure how long it will take, but I have made progress in something.

Also been lying to my co-workers. Told them I had strep throat. It was asthma but now one of them I know for sure is a hypochondriac.

Nothing else interesting going on. To be mentioned later or something.

14 January 2016

finally reviewing

Finally finished witcher three for the second time so now onward towards my remaining stuff to do... By the way an awesome game to play.

Two books under review before publication. Currently working an a third, the second portion to "Shot Drunk Tales."

Processing music for a new video that will one day be created for it. Most likely cheaply done and the lyrics make no sense to any one.

Currently dealing with shit at work, for instance the ten to twenty hours of overtime a week. It has its ups and downs...More to come later... Thank you.

Additionally:: because of the type of full time job I have, we only have seven employees so when one calls out someone ends up working thier shift and it usually fall's on management, meaning my boss and myself... Last Thursday had someone call out so I worked an additional eight hours that night after a full eight hour shift. I understand I get overtime pay and what not, but since I also work a night job on Thursdays I lost nearly fifty extra dollars If I estimated it correctly.

Now about the books. I wrote one in it's entirety one night and then just decided to do other things like video games. After an intense gaming session for achievements I got drunk and wrote yet another book. Then I wrote yet a third which I later combined into the second thus making it longer.  My plan, currently, is to try and not get distracted while reviewing each one in hopes to publish by June, at leaste one of them. Then the book I am currently working on is an addition to "Shot Drunk Tales" which I hope to make it a full story this time and not a collection of short stories and poems and whatever else... If not then it will have a collection of three to five short stories, hopefully no more.

Finally the music and crappy art video. I am not sure if that will ever be completed and, if so, not likely to be within the year since I am not obligated to create it. If I find time in between my jobs, my writing, video games, and bar time then I will start work on it. As of now, it is currently in pending. Though I did work out how the video, I hope, will look like so I am a small step closer to creating it.

Thank you for reading this if you did so As always... And good night.

27 December 2015


Update: got nothing done due to an extreme game time with an xbox one. Will explain more if I can later on. Promising more detail and more words no one will read.

14 December 2015

dating profile online

I am woman seeking man

I am 26

I am looking for someone who understands that I will quit smoking and drinking for the right person. Someone who has a job and understands that I have a hectic work schedule. Someone who understands that when I say "I have an idea" it means I have an idea that needs to be done and not something like I'll go off and fuck someone else... No.. What I say is what I mean. Who understands that I will try something and if it doesn't work I will try it again as long as you are there to tell me how stupid I am being. Someone who can tell me the truth without shame and laugh with later.

Ethnicity I do not care

Age depends on what I  think

Someone who will play a video game and say "I need help with this achievement"... I will help if I am there...

Who is will this be?

04 December 2015

not slutty enough

I was always told, when growing up, " dress for the job you want, not the job you have." so I dress in suits and "higher class" attire because I want to be a big shot lawyer or something other than a manager of a gas station, writer for a local magazine, and a part-time accountant for a pawn shop. ( yes three jobs to keep me satisfied) Now I was told I cannot find a man because of the way I dress. I know a lot of men want skanky women and very few (who have no job) want someone who dressed successfully but why do I have to change? Why can't I find someone who has their own job who liked successful women?

Enough hitching... Now, my usb became corrupt. I still have my next book but my main work is locked away. Once I figure out how to squire my work I will continue with it but for now I am nearly done with my next book. I just wish I can work on my other one. One in which I am actually proud of and not one that I can laugh at and not care aboit.

 Thank you and good night. 🌙. Yay emote

05 November 2015


Been having issues with internet, phone, computers... Generally a lot but I was able to.... Well no one really cares and I don't either at the moment... At work and sick....  Ty and good night.

08 October 2015

butterfly fini

New vid..
 Will try and create more often than whenever I an lucid enough to remember to make one.

07 October 2015


I have learned a few things since I have turned a year older... Pizza rolls suck and all fruit is still tastiest of all... Secondly, being drunk does not work when making ananimation though it is still filled with much more fun. Thank you and good night.

05 October 2015

birthday today... huh

So far I colored my hair, went to the bar that only has three patrons.... Made a spaceship using my software.... More updates on Twitter of you like to know more.

04 October 2015

provisions and what not

Provisions: whiskey, cigarettes, gum, energy drinks

 Staying home watching red vesrses blue and playing halo online

 People showing up to Yay me drunk for my birthday... Awesome.... Thankyou..

1 day early and working on animation but as long as I do Not have to pay for drinks... It's awesome..

3.5 hours

In three and a half hours I will be on vacation... I currently have several simple animations to introduce to the world once the edit is complete and hopefully a preview of the "big" animation I have yet to start working on. So about 200 hours, if I do Not sleep or eat or anything else but the animation, of animation carp. As soon as work is over. So excited, I mean maybe I'll to out for a drink or two... Maybe binge a little... But I will work on something.

02 October 2015


So, in a few days I will be on vacation from work and will start with working on the 3D software once more now that is no longer above 100 degrees and my computer will not overheat.... So, anyways alien spaceship or something like that.

I have been doing concept art to try and see how to create it into the 3D software... Here is a spaceship I draw in nearly a while minute...

Yeah, it looked better in my head.

01 October 2015

blog post

I shall answer your question... Yes I do live under a rock only because it's cheaper than a real house...

Anyways... Been working on the big 3D project creating items for it... So far I have concept drawings of what I want except for the weapon... Each time I draw one, it keeps turning into a concept picture of an older rifle.

27 September 2015

terranova -- FMQ

So, Got drunk, she showed up ready to record, after a few shots got her to talk. Added a random picture slide thing for it... Have fun trying to hear her. Anyways, back to the moon...

butterfly 2

I've got nothing now that, after I am off work, I find I forgot to press the post button...

26 September 2015


A friend of mine, at one point when we were younger, was terrified of butterflies. I do not think he is any more, but everytime I see a buttfly I think of him... Sidenote: he would always get an errection when he heard the word 'constitution'... Not sure of he still does... Should find out one day.

25 September 2015

an older pc

Got to fix an older pc... By that I mean 5 years old. I loved it. Easy... Meaning... I got to so something I was extremely prepared for rather than that new technology that is out today. I even have her a few new fairy pictures, since she loved fairies, because I appreciate the older technology... I love her old leather casing and her fairy protection added on top of that.... I am planingto add an extra flare to her case. Just remember, if your older computer is broken, I will add extra with no cost because older is almost always better. 😁

20 September 2015


I understand that hybrids may be the future, but a man who does not like my car is a pussy... My other car is a 92 Lincoln Executive with a V8 but don't talk shit about her on our first date and I'll take you for a spin with a happy ending if you know what I mean. Still not sure of I want companionship or just sex... Either way I feel deprived.

spiders yay

So I find this spider at the gas station. I start talking to it and then decide I want to save it from being killed... Half way through, as I finally got it into a cup, I think "it could be dangerous..." so I let go of the cup as it climbs out where my hand was. I thought it was pretty. I'm still an idiot. I like it. It was all soft and fuzzy by the way.