10 November 2014

calfaj 2

Completed.... actually, after an edit or more, most likely more because this tablet I still cannot use correctly and refuses to use the words I want... calfaj 2... a link to follow one it is done loading. It is annoying and had little to no effort in creating it... you'll understand if you watch the video for yourself. Lol... I almost forgot, about to enter a video that is considered proof of alien life... Lol.... for footage of the marine base playing... some people may believe it to be aliens, maybe if I had a crappy camera that could not show enough details but unfortunately I got one that shows too much sometimes. Lol calfaj 2 click the link... Lol

02 November 2014

circle k sucks

So, someone had been working on their bass. Expect new stuff on the bass, guitar, harp, and whatever else is used, and the painting has been different. I learned new thing from it, like so so spray paint can be used to create texture... amazing. Anyways, ended up figuring out that all my footage of the painting will be too long for the music, have to shorten to just the painting being made like a time lapse our a slide show over time. May show all work later through progression just like the others. Did not realize how difficult it was to cut my own video down to size. I understand how real directors feel I guess. Had an artist show in town for a few weeks, random stuff. Yeah... Learned new things about my co-worker I am running to become an assistant, I would like to think we could be friends when I leave... oh yeah. She makes more than me now the art she had worked there over three months than me who had worked there three years.... fucking California changing their minimum wage, that and my three month review not going in for over a year, and my only yearly review after three years... reason why I want to leave, I now make minimum while any new person who had been there three months gets a 50 cent raise from the minimum... every where else that is currently accepting jobs is hiring at 20 cents more than minimum. After being lied to, told off, threatened many times by higher ups and forced to work more than six days a week and force to work when sick, I will leave. I have the threatened to sue them many times, have called hr many times who doesn't do shit, they don't care at all. So never work for circle k!!!!! Please, don't ever, unless you are a pot smoking hippy or a drug addict or something. They never drug test....... they will lie to you to make you work, yeah I know most places do, but I was told I would get a dollar raise if I take manager's position but apparently I am not a real manager. I do not get a the raise, I do not get the health care they said I would, I do not get any retirement benefits... basically, I do manager work and threatened to be fired for not working over time for minimum wage with no help from anyone. I have to pay for my w2 because they refuse to send it to my address. never work atcircle k!!! please me, unless they give you the real manager position... thank you. I understand that my words may not be understandable, but like in previous posts I explained that I have no clue how to use a touch screen, or this new computer yet. I will learn soon. Though I can still solve math problems from high school and college.... technology I just cannot accept for some reason....

27 October 2014

no one

No one ever reads this crap... I think that painting is done, apparently not. Need to work around my crappy schedule of one day off a week so instead of being ready within two days, it'll take maybe a month to complete, specially if I keep sleeping until noon on my only day off. Meaning we get four hours of light if lucky after every thing is set up. So still in process. Now to look over the footage to see if it's working so far. Thank you...

26 October 2014


Well, turns out painting takes longer than I thought. Usually a painting, for me, gets done within an hour because I have no pod patience, that one that will be used, so far, had taken an hour to just start. Ran out of battery on the camera and all I did was take pictures. Was so bored, didn't even get to get drunk either... further details and updates as they become available.... thank you...

15 October 2014

yucca valley

Now, not many people know of Yucca Valley in California, but enough may understand what I mean. Mind you, I do not live in Yucca, but that is the place of my work... Anyways, I looked up that town for the Wal-Mart because of a Freon leak, which later was told to be a co 2 leak. Found some videos and needless to say, they do not represent all the occupants of that particular region. No, I do not go to Wal-Mart every day, that would waste gas and time. I am certain not every one does this, most are high and/or drunk. People on food stamps and welfare sitting on sitting on their ass doing nothing. Fuck this computer auto corrects everything, have to go back and fix words I thought I had already typed correctly. Oi.... Anyways, stay home and get high and drunk are the most common things I see people do. As for me, if I am not at work, I work on my car making it look and perform better, I run around a circle all day, I write shit no one will ever read, I make videos no one will ever see, I meet new poeple like me or worse than me who try and be the center of attention, I have relations, I do things. I do what is needed to keep my own ass off of food stamps and welfare, and off the streets, all the while trying to keep myself happy. Side note: whatever I may do or say about this new computer (though it may change the text all the time), it helps me when I'm too drunk to think.... Anyways, you can get drunk, hang out with friends, and being younger and if not old enough to drink, then create something. Also, why Wal-Mart? I'm certain people who have lived here less than a couple years do not understand what there is to do. In high school, yes I would have said there was nothing to do, but living out here almost 20 years, though I'm not over 30 and not even close, I can say time is better spent now doing something I know I can do rather than just going to Wal-Mart. I guess what I really mean is, if you don't like it, leave. You idiots do not understand the full potential of this great town. I also hate hearing "it's too hot." All I know is, I've lived out here long enough to know the weather has been acting a little off, meaning it's not hot enough. It never reached any temperatures that at I remember when I was a young child. People complained about it being too hot, I still wore pants and long sleeve over the time and all through out. I go can only hope it gets hotter this next summer, and for those who believe it cannot snow in the desert, I too hope it snows a lots, 4 (it will not let me put in numbers by letter) feet or more, then a 7.0 magnitude or more earthquake happens, would scare all of you away... thinking a 3.0 or 3.4 or whatever small one is scary and is claimed to be felt when it happens many miles away... My hope is people panic, move away, kill each other, and so on. Fucking people who don't know a thing about this desert... think they're better than every one else.... who build in washes who think it's best. Idiots, that's why their houses get flooded and they ask for help. When I was growing up, no houses fo We're flooded by monsoons and everyone knew each other by name... Okay, back to the real reason why I am on right now. An update on what is going on. Nothing at all happened. Nothing going on. Writing, but..... I do have..... an idea..... The next thing will be more pictures than art. Don't worry, art is awesome but the real thing is awesome as well. Maybe my favorite spot to go, on my boredom days will be featured. The exact location will not be disclosed because it is protected, but also because people will try and say "we need that land to build". Well you know what, I might like beef and cheese and sea food too much, but I love animals more than people and I hate seeing people who fuck up land meant for wild animals. Assholes... I do have a list. Those people are number one on it, now that I have created it. Anyways, picture are told to have a thousand words, I am hoping these will say, "stop fucking up our environment... Fixing my writings, getting it all down on one book to make it easier access... A book I created myself, then the animations for that music, all the while working on another stupid book. Yes. Thank you and good night. By the way, I live in the place people around use to call the meth call capital of America. Well, people use to call it around here. P.S. I don't know why people live touch screens. I had to reedit this many times to make the words sound almost correct. Keeps changing my words, will not let me turn off the autocorrect, refuses to let me add words, since it is American it will not let me use foreign languages upon request, changes all my words to something I do not mean, and keeps pissing me off by asking me what words to use and if they are correct... I miss my old computer and my old and my old software. Once I get my screen fixed, those thing will make sense... Sorry about the bad punctuation. I again blame this touch screen... thank you and good night. AND... I also know I may never be famous but doing this helps me release my frustration in life whether than going after someone at work who deserves whatever hardships befall him so....

12 October 2014

needs too

I know I do not need this, but my favorite bands have cbs coming out in November along with some, or rather certain video games I need, "have have to" play which involves time. May not get anything through during this time. You know, priorities and all. Dragon age 3, of course I have to, then assassins creed in December and all that. Again priorities! Well, with that being mentioned and all. If not the end of October then most likely in January, ten dollars might buy me some food, but not enough to try that hard, lol!!! Hopefully by the end of October.. thank you and good night for those who can sleep... lucky bastards.... I do not like this touch screen too much, keeps changing my words... oi... or asking me if I am so spelling correctly for every fucking word. How do you turn this shit off!! Crisis for another time....

10 October 2014

two posts in one day wow

Alright, so to clarify what I said about that bass player, that particular person still has problems playing because they are new to it, but I guess they have potential.though they still suck.to be honest, can't figure out how to use a Mic either. Idiots. Anyways, problem solved!!! I showed them how to use the Mic on their recording software.maybe they'll give me something other than creepy clown music. I mean, it's not so bad, but it's repetitive. Annoying. So, in the previous post it never said how long it would take. Assume it will be very long. Yes. Once I get the will to start. I have started, but I mean between work and trying to have a life. Yes, that's what I meant. Thank you.

okay, got this

Well, I've been dwelling on the fact my computer is temporarily unavailable for the time. My older computer does not work online, again because it's older. So now I need to use this device which I have not been able to fully figure out, except for usage for reading books. Anyways, it works on this site so I'm good to go. What is being made at the moment are more animations for the music that has been given to me. Meaning I have to make something for that crapy stuff that no one will ever listen to, so I can get paid something. I'm also in the process of writing, as I always am. Got several new paintings and drawings, basically all kinds of art for me to play with for a few extra dollars. Good because I like having money for food. I quit drinking monsters, I love them and I love not having insomnia, but high blood pressure scared the heel out of me. Which brings me to my next point. Addiction. That will be the topic for the next few things to be created. Not my writings of course. That's more for me to laugh at and wonder what idiot would buy those cheap books. That is all the news for now. Thank you for reading, and if not read at all, thank you for just coming on this stupid sight and ignoring my words. Thank you.

12 September 2014

Last minute Change

Yes a last minute change. Was able to put the video up. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YYjkvCR6qjI Had to change the name to Calfaj. Last minute decision when the person who named it find out that there is some sort of glass figurine place called casaj and did not want to be confused with that. I'm quite certain it was glass. Anyways CALFAJ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YYjkvCR6qjI and, well. I know most likely maybe three people will come across and watch half of it, and the other three 'views' will be people who accidently clicked the link. So, Have fun not watching this crap. if This looks hard to read or if at all bad to do so. Still need a new computer, all Walmart sells are those touch screen ipad things. I need something with a key board, so.... That and I've tried those Ipad things before, they break easily, in evry sense. People may tell me that's not true, but obviously they have never done what I have to computers.

11 September 2014

New!!! New!!! New!!! Casaj.... Unless you're reading this in four years

Now, I hope this does not look any different than previous ones. anyways. Been going through some troubles, like a monster energy drink attacked my computer and kind of broke it. Those are mean drinks. Then I had to figure out how to make this computer go onto the internet. Anyways!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My second book is nearly done.... And one more thing..... VIDEO..... Anyone who is clearly not into artwork, crappy music, or very bad animations should not watch this piece of crap, that is called... CASAJ.... Part 1. Only because after the title was created, it was made apparent to me that there are nearly 400 more pieces of art to show off, and the song is only 3-17, meaning there are more to play with. Yes, yes. Well.... Umm.... Since it takes 169 minutes to upload, according to this stupid computer thing. the next post will be about the work itself. and the title to find. Ty Note: Must get computer for internet. This one is only for art.....

09 August 2014

upsetting day

Day was going fine, until the last 30 minutes of my shift when one of my employees decided to not listen to a word I have said, then argues with me, telling me off, using the "F-word". No, I don't mean once, I mean he said it every other word was "Fuck this" and "that fucking bullshit" and "It's fucked up".

He has been with the company for nearly three weeks now. Has told us that he hates people, hates people. Yes, doubled. He refuses to do the coolers because it is "too cold" and he refuses to move anything to get to any items needed to stock. He hates bringing things out of the back room to stock shelves. He says he's the only one who does anything. He has lied several times to me and the higher management. I am an assistant, anyways; All I did was let him know that the daily checklist, the one he signs, says the job duties he is suppose to do, which is what the note said to read because he has apparently "never seen no fucking daily checklist" even though it says the name right on it when he signs it. I swear, I'm near the point of taking him out back and beating his ass. Luckily I only deal with him once a week. Luckily within a few weeks his ass is gone. I'm pissed.

That was how my day was ruined.

Well now, I have continued on with a different book rather than my real book because I like funny things that make no sense, so.... Prepare for something you will not be able to understand, if I do that one instead of the other one, or the other one than that. Okay, several books started, one will make it through. P.S. new cartoon coming soon. Maybe. lol...

19 July 2014

no update

I am working on another book. A real one, I mean the last one was, but it was not as well. Not sure how to describe it. Broke my phone I just got, last time I go with that brand. Made of glass cracks and breaks easily. No, no true update. May return later when there is one.

06 July 2014

Oh Golly

My book is now for purchase on kindle. Still waiting for the hard copy to become available:

Product DetailsMy book. Oh yeah.

05 July 2014

Finally did it

I have finally, well not fully, kind a sorta published a book. Will let all know when it comes out for you all to buy it. Buy it... I guess.

Oh, I can't wait for people to see it, how much it costs (lol) and read the words I wrote wondering about how I even managed to graduate high school, or if I even did.

Waiting for the publishing details and stuff to get done in order to be able to put it up on here for show. Well, the link directly to the book for purchase. I even started creating a new book. One in which I got a little drunk and accidently said some secret wishes to a friend in which I began to think "hey, now if I wrote a book about that, that'd be awesome."

Oh, and by the cost (lol), I do not mean it'll cost thousands of hundreds. I just thought the price given is funny.

Anyways, 24hours to several days or something. I'm not sure. Cannot wait. So excited.... yay.

27 June 2014

Oh no

I'm not sure where to turn. I'm a little scared. It all started this morning, here is the long version:

Went to work early, got work done, found out no load came in, had nothing to do except other things so it was an easy day, met a guy who said I was attractive and got his number, turns out my car is perfectly fine I was freaking out over nothing, finally got my new phone after a month of being 'alone', got home and worked on my book. This guys wants to go hiking with me at night.

Anyways, he's either going to kill me and rape my dead body, or he assumes I'll have sex with him.

My book. I know it's not real publishing, and that I may not actually make any money off it, but my words will be out there for people to read and hate. I hope most people who publish are not fully in it for the money, but are happy to have it out there for at least one person to read. With that being said, read my book when it's out. I think it'll be free some days on the kindle version for you to download. And if you're willing to pay for it, which would donate to my new house I plan on buying. Well, not new, more like pay for my house right now, then I would be willing to accept it. It will be in physical form as well. Thank you all. ---Kriss

24 June 2014


I have been having some troubles with the book. editing, and creating the book and cover was fun. So was re-editing over and over again, but the problem I am having is what will happen when I do publish it. What will people say? How am I suppose to compete with other authors out there who have written in the same genre and were able to do better than I have? Will it be just as boring as every other crap that has been placed on shelves making people wish they never read it?

It happens, I hate spending money on a book only to find that it was one of the worst things I could have possibly purchased only to end up wishing I had my money back for something useful. Like food. Oh, how I do, however, have a plan. I publish this book in a different name than my real one. I'm saving my real name for my other book, one in which I have been writing for years. I am still, no where near done. It's my work of art.

Anyways, more updates available. About to get into contact with the publisher and try to find out what to do next and how to make it a possibility rather than just a dream.

Oh, and I will start up some sort of community chat forum thing like everyone else has in order to gain criticism for my work. Hopefully all the hateful words used to describe my book will allow me to create even worse ones in the future.

22 June 2014

editing in progress

Editing, and drunkenness. Two words that should never come together but do here, right now. editing my current book that will be published within the next couple of moths. Anything else I previously promised is now on a hiatus until the book is done with. Will post details when it is done. Now, about being drunk. I figure any one who reads the book and understands it must be drunk. So, the third editing will be now, while I am some-what intoxicated. Anyways, more updates will come.

Buy my book when I publish it. Please.

--- Kriss

17 June 2014

New POst, or late Post

I am currently working on my book. That is all. New updates will come later as the process continues.

Found out, after finishing the book, I figured out the name. Now, I just have to edit to make sure more people will not understand it. Ty.

Edited portion: Oh, and, hopefully you'll get to see something new.

30 May 2014

IN process

Currently setting up a recording, well, a half-assed cheaply made, recording studio. Those "do-it yourself" ideas look easy enough. Just nee some foam or egg cartons or something. Yes, the first few true recordings will sound, umm, shitty. Kind of like that bass that played during "Caca Doodle Do on Me VI" But only because the technology we have sucks... or it could be the bass guitarist sucks. Either way, just trying to do it and having fun versus trying to do it, have no money left over for food, and sound shitty hating ourselves for it being as is, would suck more. The idea of being happy, having fun trying something different, and being able to eat every day is awesome.

Anyways, currently creating a cheaply made studio in order to be able to record crap that no one will like, in the process of trying to develop a way for the guitarist to play, because the guitarist sucks, and the bass is a little bit better though still sucks. no news yet on if or when a drummer will come, a pianist, or any other musically talented (in their own pathetic mind) will come into play.

Update Complete.

Work in Progress

So what I am working on is, a book, animations, songs, music, lalala...... Basically, anything I want to work on at the moment.

What I am currently getting into are these animations. They're stupid, they're fun to create, and now that I have written a song, it'll hopefully be a big part of the next animation I am creating. In the process of making it actually. May have found a few people who know how to play instruments, hopefully they're not full of shit. So, coming soon.

19 May 2014

Depressed a little

I finally fully broke it off with that guy. I am depressed and lonely but I know there is a guy who will remember my name as we have "fun". I mean sex.

I am going through a few emotional things in my life, so As soon as I am done drinking and getting back to who I really am, or was before, like my art or my writings. Idk, I am a little intoxicated, can't think straight so don't criticize me.I am depressed, but I know he wasn't right for me.

Anyways, what I was about to explain was that whenever I am ready to post a new video or animation anyways I will. I will be doing my own music hopefully. I have been playing the bass and guitar so, of course I will, It will suck. Yes it will. and one day, when I'm, too dru nk to care, I will pubish crap. Anyways, thank you. Love you guys, all maybe one of you who read this garbage.

Sincerely Kriss...

03 May 2014


I had it all planned out, even have 9 seconds done in that crappy half-assed way, and I forgot my equipment in order to continue working on it. So, maybe  I'll create something as an add on with what I've got in hopes to create something not-so good in the process, without my fancy little board to draw on, or my flash drive with all the stuff saved on it. Anyways, from what I've done and what I've accomplished with three days no sleep, I suspect it would be done within, three months, same as last time. But much more, well, lets say you need a different type of perspective in order to say "ohhh, pretty..." Ty and good night, or whatever normal people do after lights out.