05 November 2015


Been having issues with internet, phone, computers... Generally a lot but I was able to.... Well no one really cares and I don't either at the moment... At work and sick....  Ty and good night.

08 October 2015

butterfly fini

New vid..
 Will try and create more often than whenever I an lucid enough to remember to make one.

07 October 2015


I have learned a few things since I have turned a year older... Pizza rolls suck and all fruit is still tastiest of all... Secondly, being drunk does not work when making ananimation though it is still filled with much more fun. Thank you and good night.

05 October 2015

birthday today... huh

So far I colored my hair, went to the bar that only has three patrons.... Made a spaceship using my software.... More updates on Twitter of you like to know more.

04 October 2015

provisions and what not

Provisions: whiskey, cigarettes, gum, energy drinks

 Staying home watching red vesrses blue and playing halo online

 People showing up to Yay me drunk for my birthday... Awesome.... Thankyou..

1 day early and working on animation but as long as I do Not have to pay for drinks... It's awesome..

3.5 hours

In three and a half hours I will be on vacation... I currently have several simple animations to introduce to the world once the edit is complete and hopefully a preview of the "big" animation I have yet to start working on. So about 200 hours, if I do Not sleep or eat or anything else but the animation, of animation carp. As soon as work is over. So excited, I mean maybe I'll to out for a drink or two... Maybe binge a little... But I will work on something.

02 October 2015


So, in a few days I will be on vacation from work and will start with working on the 3D software once more now that is no longer above 100 degrees and my computer will not overheat.... So, anyways alien spaceship or something like that.

I have been doing concept art to try and see how to create it into the 3D software... Here is a spaceship I draw in nearly a while minute...

Yeah, it looked better in my head.

01 October 2015

blog post

I shall answer your question... Yes I do live under a rock only because it's cheaper than a real house...

Anyways... Been working on the big 3D project creating items for it... So far I have concept drawings of what I want except for the weapon... Each time I draw one, it keeps turning into a concept picture of an older rifle.

27 September 2015

terranova -- FMQ

So, Got drunk, she showed up ready to record, after a few shots got her to talk. Added a random picture slide thing for it... Have fun trying to hear her. Anyways, back to the moon...

butterfly 2

I've got nothing now that, after I am off work, I find I forgot to press the post button...

26 September 2015


A friend of mine, at one point when we were younger, was terrified of butterflies. I do not think he is any more, but everytime I see a buttfly I think of him... Sidenote: he would always get an errection when he heard the word 'constitution'... Not sure of he still does... Should find out one day.

25 September 2015

an older pc

Got to fix an older pc... By that I mean 5 years old. I loved it. Easy... Meaning... I got to so something I was extremely prepared for rather than that new technology that is out today. I even have her a few new fairy pictures, since she loved fairies, because I appreciate the older technology... I love her old leather casing and her fairy protection added on top of that.... I am planingto add an extra flare to her case. Just remember, if your older computer is broken, I will add extra with no cost because older is almost always better. ��

20 September 2015


I understand that hybrids may be the future, but a man who does not like my car is a pussy... My other car is a 92 Lincoln Executive with a V8 but don't talk shit about her on our first date and I'll take you for a spin with a happy ending if you know what I mean. Still not sure of I want companionship or just sex... Either way I feel deprived.

spiders yay

So I find this spider at the gas station. I start talking to it and then decide I want to save it from being killed... Half way through, as I finally got it into a cup, I think "it could be dangerous..." so I let go of the cup as it climbs out where my hand was. I thought it was pretty. I'm still an idiot. I like it. It was all soft and fuzzy by the way.

16 September 2015

after work

So some may not understand, but after work I play xbox, eat crappy food and maybe try out my guitar skills alone at home finally.

Some do not understand. Being away from home for 16 hours a day up to 7 days a week sometimes makes you miss being alone and doing nothing at all... Even if it is for a few hours before a crash only to wake up to the next portion. 

14 September 2015


Got off work. I had to teach a class about counting and our new slogan created by Canadians. Durring which I had a volunteer come up and add some numbers together to come up with a sum before our expected earnings per hour...  Bs of you want the truth... Anyways, she dropped the marker and I thought of this... Lol... The guys up stairs loved it.

Normally I would say no to them asking me to teach new managers, but because of my pay raise, still under What those new employees will get, I said sure why not... There better be fresh fruit next time instead of candy and cookies. I don't eat those... All I had was water from a sink since they had soda to offer. Another thing I do Not indulge in. 

Had a meeting at a Budweiser place. Would have been great of they gave is some beer... Would have made it fun.

13 September 2015

energy i can smoke

So I will not post a picture of random crap today but I will say my next book is near complete and "SHOT DRUNK TALES" number two is in the making. I hate when I see something and need to express a need to feats it in words. Anyways. Now for the random picture:

Energy I can smoke. Yay!

11 September 2015

sweet mold

Ever went to work wishing you had a hazmat suit? Many places have an A rating but what people don't see is something I do in many stores I work in.

All the shelves look like this... I hate it.

10 September 2015

06 September 2015

i should care more

People look at me weird when I find markers and get excited... I laughed heavily. I should care that I am at work but I don't.

05 September 2015

wasting gb

Still trying to figure out how to waste the gb of data on this phone for this month. Not use to being able to waste things like this. At the rate I am going I'll only use 2 or 3 gb by the time I need to pay for more. Anyways, working on my books and have been looking into getting a real website with a better name than the one I came up with seven years ago. This one sucks.

With that announcement, I have been trying to make a comic like thing on my lunch time. I call it "Work In Progress"

04 September 2015

sevice dogs

I can pay 59$ to get my dog her full tags to be a service animal on the honor system. Yay. I get emotionally destressed around stupid people and cannot find any emotional relief with someone my own speicies so I need it.. Yay...

03 September 2015


So I get bored easily at work and decided to try my hand at drawing random things on sticky notes. I started to draw a penis but that seemed weird with my coworker looking over my shoulder. Instead it's a bird... Lol