27 August 2015

a comic to soon come

I have decided to try and do a comic like post, maybe several times a month if luck prevails... So coming soon a comic about crap like every other comic known online. Oh, and the new book will be out shortly,just need to finish the edits. Thank you and good night

26 July 2015

a little for now

A quick summary of what has occurred since last update: So my best friend ditched me for a whore, then again I have done it to him before as well so it's cool, as long as we can still talk. Finished the second draft of my next book. Did not create a video game, a song, or an animation. Did not get the trailer, and am down nearly two-thousand for a car for my mom that originally only should have been five- hundred. Not to mention any names, but some jerk let's say took it out and did some damage to a perfectly good car.,

13 July 2015

cat for president

Okay, so when I saw this on the news I laughed about it, for nearly three days and then some. Then I saw the mystery machine, yes the one with shaggy, and I laughed for a lot longer.

Anyways, I wrote a new book, or rather a portion of one because of the cat thing that I hope to publish within a few months. I hope to get more books out a year rather than one every year.

 Back to laughter, I was told that a guy loves my books. He liked the first one, though explained that there were certain errors to it but he understood it being my first book and all. He could not stop laughing when he read my second one, nor could his mother. I love to make people feel emotions, especially laughter, so my next book I publish will hopefully make people laugh the whole time and not just the same jokes over and over so. If anyone reads this, try reading my second book, you'll have a laugh, hopefully, because we need more laughter in life. I am certain laughter will make someone live a long life... Oh and so will extreme hatred like with my racist asshole grandpa I have. He makes me laugh from what he says, then he gets pissed off and may live an extra day because of it. Lol, seriously, listen to a racist sometime, some of the shit that comes out is hilarious. I don't know what, it just is. Anyways....

Thank you and good night.

08 July 2015


So I need to start posting something to keep people's eyes on my shitty posts other than just names. For instance, I will soon start publishing random pictures hopefully to form stories in it. Secondly, someone from nearly fifty miles away liked my book. My first one. More on the way, yes. Fuck you. Then my twitter, more on the way helpfully to tell you people off. No more trying to be funny or whatever. Thank you and good night....

03 July 2015


So, a tad bit about myself...
I played the clarinet in elementary school. I loved it. I learned so much about wood wind instruments, mostly because we had to learn about wood wind instruments since it was less complex than the others. By junior high my father sold my clarinet for his own passion, drugs. Instead of going into band I ended up in acting, which taught me how to act in real world situations. In high school I was ins acting, but also took most art and literary classes as extracurriculars, and finally psychology.
In college, I did get my degrees in other majors, but I still preferred art, literature, and music. In college I was finally able to gain my music back.
Now, my clarinet is old and I only have one reed that is cracked, but by god I am still playing. So, the music I have gained, with no vocals, I can add in clarinet if I so choose. I am happy. Yes, this update just came to me since my last update. I mean the music and not all the other stuff. So hopefully, woodwind instruments will be on the next portion or something. Thank you and so on.

a little hot

It has been several years since it has been this hot out here and my computer overheated and did a forced shut down. I know my laptops will end up doing the same and even this tablet worries me to use it too long, so most things I have been working on may need to be put on hold for the time. I will work on it, just a much smaller amount of time as before. By the way, two full characters have been created. Some other things as well. Thank you and good night.

22 June 2015


I forgot how hard it was to be Gothic, or I am no longer a goth and have to have time to make myself into one. Took nearly an hour to make it work, and the nails make it hard to type... I like being some one who doesn't care, but I needed some software and he likes goths...

Anyways... Created my first character and my "I'm better than you" stance, have a second character for my next video if I can ever finish the damn thing. Even got the voice actors and some filler Audio for it. Yay for help. Maybe a few more months for finished product. Thank you and good night.

14 June 2015


So I was drinking with some one, who is currently passed out, and I thought about it, not so clearly...
"Smiles" may becoming soon in that 3d software thing I got... Yay... Maybe....
Thank you and good nigut

12 June 2015


 We are in a drought as maybe a small amount of people may know. I lost my ram because of it. I know it was coming when he refused to hit my boot with his head over week ago.

Today it rained for nearly ten minutes. Now, if it rain for several hours or even days I would have been happier. It has been so long since it rained so much like it did when I first moved up here. People started to fill in ditches and build in them that their houses would be screwed. It would make me happy because of where I am located. I would be fine and people who moved out here in the past several years would be screwed.  Anyways, back to creating stain glass windows...

 Thank you and good night... Again...

between desires

So, about two years is what I have figured in before I may relocate to another state.
I have figured out most of this 3d software and I have no clue what to do with it. Not sure if I want to create something for a song I may never get or for something I want to make....
I made a mansion and a person it was awesome.
Thank you and good night.

01 June 2015

product displacement

So... Edison came by to fix a problem with a pole and took some pictures. The neighbors, who produce a certain product, grabbed it all and took off.

          A history of the house in question... When I first moved out here at age four, the man who owned the place was named Bob. He died and he gave it to someone else who was named Bob. (Real name I swear) who died and then skin heads purchased it and used it as a method lab. Then too many ethnicities and police started to come into the picture, they left and the place went into foreclosure. Some dealers purchased it. The smell of weed was strong, the only few years they were living there, but since the other neighbor (the one who has called the police for not letting him on my property) started his shit by trying to force me to move he forced the dealers to relocated or something. Well, he decided to blow a transformer, one in which was not a part of my own property and i though was funny and may end up in his end, which led to Edison fixing it and taking picture which led to the neighbors moving product and now the asshole neighbor's fight went from just one person to half the neighborhood (due to the area only includes 5 neighbors... again rural each house having 5 or more acres) meaning he'll be out soon hopefully.
recently learned he has no water or electricity and that his mom died a few days before he started this shit.


                 I am currently working on my next book and a game for people to download. It will be a shitty game once i come up with a proper idea for it. I stopped the animation since FMQ has not yet given me the music needed, though I may produce random animations for the fun of it. I have much video to go through and may end up on my YouTube page, though I have time I do want to have time for myself for drinking with people. I have downloaded 3d animation software so if I make something with that it will be published, I can guarantee it because the free software is better than the 700$ software I got for free or the 40$ software I paid for. (still learning how to use it.) Nothing has been painted since "calfaj" 1 or 2. Still have not gone to get the trailer to create my studio. Found out how much it would be to live in another state so been saving money to leave this crappy state. California is too costly, and the water restrictions are pissing me off. I have went to only one shower a week and cleaning my clothes once a month to try and preserve water. (though i will keep in touch with other assholes i like but do not associate with if need be) I would love to say that finally I have uncovered proof of aliens, which is not exactly true, but I want people to think it is. Anyways, working on a bunch of crap to try and increase my income with little result so far. I trying to do a lot without the money or degrees I need.
     Again, I only have degrees in psychology and criminal justice. Masters meaning I am a master.... Waste of money I swear because of the lack of success behind it. College sucks.... Joncjg, or however it is spelled, would understand. I read all his blogs and tweets (I'm a little drunk and not afraid to admit it). That guy, who's name I cannot remember, who burned his law degrees on YouTube would understand. Spending money on education for a good career seems to be faulty. Then I find out my brother could figure out what 87 divided by 3 is within seconds and yet he'll be stuck where I am. He's only 13 and he's smarter than 80% of the population of the people out here. Most of these people cannot read...
          I forgot what I was talking about.... So stuff and more stuff...
Thank you and good night.


Okay about my genetics and to explain my problems...
So, I have heard many people talk about being diabetic, which is somewhat of a problem I have.
I have hypoglycemia... (Just to clarify, hypoglycemia happens when you have low blood sugar levels, but I have that constantly.)  On normal non-hot days I eat candy like crazy, no chocolate I hate chocolate, and I'll eat so much more than normal humans. I would say, on average I would eat around 3 to 400,000 calories a day including drinks. When I hear someone say they have to have sugar which is why they are purchasing many candy bars and they weight over 200, it amazes me.
When it is too hot, I just cannot eat, I am not sure if I even feel hunger like others do. I know when I am hungry I feel nauseous and if I do not eat I throw up bile... I get upset easily when I do not eat for a while... Though I admit at times I forget to eat because I do not feel it, no sickness or anything.

People will read this and say "stop complaining you skinny bitch!" or " you're fine don't worry!" or whatever else is on mind when reading... Well try and think differently please....

Well, summer I usually lose around 5lbs due to the heat. I force myself to eat or something to try and and keep my weight...
Anyways my fears... I am afraid I'll be too skinny... I'm afraid men like me for only my breasts, I am afraid that I will end up with someone like my father...
Don't blame me for my genetics please understand I like my weight... I liked it when I figured out how to be 180 and yet now I feel like I am slipping to a too skinny weight...
I want to be average... At 155, and if it is hot like projected to be 113, then 140 due to not eating, it'll get worse...
There are people out there who understand, but for those who do not or say they understand and really do not... Well whatever....
Just trying to give a little about myself...
Thank you and good night.

31 May 2015


Ever had a movie you wanted to see but could not watch?
Well, I have. I admit some movies I try and watch online for free before buying, just like "Miss March"... Today I try and look for " Baseketball"... I have no clue if I like it or not, the reason why I look. I find myself still looking.  Because I try and post something weekly due to a feeling of being forced into it, I post that.
 Anyways, it is summer and we have a drought so, I only ate a BBQ pork sandwich... Lost 5lbs and yet, if it gets hotter than 102 degrees I may not eat anything... 140lbs is what I weigh, usually at the end of summer, and I hate it. 155lbs is good for me. Got my breasts and a body of weight people are afraid of. Mostly because I can lift 220 and leg press 375... I don't like looking like a weak person who can't toss a 200lb man...
If the temperature projected is correct, then 113  will make me wish I worked more, meaning all my artwork I do will come to a vault and that I may end up being a size 6.
Some people would love to have my problems, but not feeling hungry does suck and people do not understand. When I eat a lot I may not gain any weight, but when I just am not hungry and do not eat I lose around 5lbs a week and people think I have an eating problem calling me anorexic or blemic which hurts.
I'm certain people who do not have my problem do not understand my concerns about my weight. They may say "stop complaining at least you're skinny." Thing is, there is a thing as too skinny which I try not to get to and yet it seems I may end up like that which sucks.... New topic... New post...

23 May 2015

okay maybe

So the issue has been settled with the road situation. So far. Sunday getting the trailer to do something with... Recently acquired several lyrics and now I understand the  dilemma. FMQ is not sure what they're doing. I'm not sure what I am doing either so I understand... Will start posting more random art later on when i have time... Thank you and good night.

19 May 2015


So, I have been going around and filming random things. With the new instrumental I will aquire soon I hope, I will post yet another stupid video no one will ever really watch all the while telling the internet on my blog about it that no one ever reads all the while twittering about random crap just for sheer boredom. Thank you and good night.

18 May 2015

So Legality aside

Yeah, I was a little upset by the ranger's random visit yesterday, and yeah I will be going through civil matters about my property, in the mean time I will continue to try and not think about that while working on my art, I guess it is what it would be called. Planning on retrieving the trailer soon, having difficulties with such an item I should have picked up several months or so ago. Problem is getting tires, I could, I just don't have the money to waste yet. Anyways, Thank you and good night.

17 May 2015

BLM and the damn neighbor...

So, about a week ago while I was at work BLM decided to plow though my driveway and make a new road half way through my property.... So, as an attempt to keep bastards out of my property that I own (I OWN!!!) I put up some barriers.... Fucking neighbor comes to my house, demands I get rid of it because it is BLM land and I said it is my property let's go to court... He called the police on me who threatened to take my goats away if I do not open the road... The police do not understand they plowed it illegally while I was at work. Then because of my refusal to take it down ( I love my goats, I admit they may be tastey when they are old enough, I have an attitude problem) he calls a ranger who says it' s my land and is a civil matter.....

If it was not for my mommy telling me not to go against him for vengeance, his road three roads down would have been problimatic....

Anyways... Need to take the bastard to court over my land rights so any projects, other than the next book, will be delayed except for, quite possibly, video of this bastard and my land... I will call it a documentary on bastards who think they own every thing....

Fucking BLM... Fucking nieghbor who thinks he owns everything and those damn officers who think they can threaten me... I have the rightful documents for my goats. Let them try!

11 May 2015

omg again

Recently just got the lyrics and time frame of FMQ's song... Hope to not mess the animation up so badly... You see (or rather read) I had the idea of what the song was about so I started the animation, but now that I know the exact lyrics I will be able to finish it somewhat. Until the actual song comes out, I will not be able to finish it.

But I can add this update..... Still might be about two months because of lack of resources, but It will have music and what not. Yes. It will relate to a previous animation I have done. Too drunk to remember if I posted what it will be. I hope to do justice to the music but I know it will not live up to expectations. Luckily, I know people watch Youtube and wish they can do such videos rather than doing it themselves.

getting active

Okay... So, thing is I have a list of "get rich quick schemes" which have never involved the Internet, but  recently I have added new content to that list that does involve the Internet... You tube, publishing books, and so on, are not a part of this whole thing...
Anyways... I keep changing how the animation should flow and how it will end up and quite frankly, it means it may take more than a few weeks to complete. So Instead, I hope to at least finish episode one within a three months time. This means each season after, if no help from those I ask for it, will be within that time frame...

Thank you and good night... (will add more crap when I see an availability for it... I need cash for my house damnit.....)

05 May 2015

Artwork and colors

Colors and Stuff  A new video of mostly animation of colors and such. Finished two paintings. Anyways, thank you and good night...

new out look

I have been working on a new animation that might look awesome for people who are on drugs or something... All I know is that it is easier to craft the animation drunk than sober.. Anyways.... Uploading that soon with that song or instrumental stuff... Thank you and good night....

03 May 2015

new computer

I finally purchased a new computer... Well, more like a tablet with an attachable keyboard. Now, instead of using my kindle for all these little blog posts and what not, I can use this. Instead of using my art computer to post pictures, videos, stories and what not, I can use this.

Anyways, I have a small update... I have been creating books and publishing them using amazon, yes, I have been posting videos online on youtube, but now I am at the point where I am looking to create some extra income for myself. With a bit of courage, or rather random rantings from others, I have decided to try and sell some art work. I am hoping this will help pay off my house in a small way. I am also still working on that anime cartoon thing, which I am making out to be more complicated than it needs to be from all those anime things I have been watching. I am also working on my next book, and my real book which will be a novel on something I have to come up with. I am hoping that it will be published through a different publisher than Amazon. Anyways....

Thank you and good night.

30 April 2015

yay a book...

So, what I have been doing is publishing my second book which is "lol"...shot drunk tales. I'll post pictures later... I have been removing my thumb nail which is not "lol" and have been attempting anime. Any ways ... got hurt at work, almost got a new job but declined after I found out what the job details are, finally trying to get my kitty to sing after my older cat died... Oh, almost forgot, trying to keep the baby goose from attacking the baby turkeys.. thank you and good night...

12 April 2015

cannot draw

So, I have been attempting to draw anime... I have been told that a person's worst critique is usually themselves but.... I cannot draw anime. I can animate, I can paint and draw many different things, just not people. In due time, off I get drunk enough to get past my own worst drawings and do something, I will start the smiles episodes as I have been trying to. It may not be good but at least I did something besides manage a convenience store. My book, however, will not be published until I can get a better computer that will let me do so.

Dealing with new people at work who do not do anything sucks. Almost had him quit. I know his mommy stopped him from doing so.

Maybe I'll start off horrible and later and later become good or better at it. Still have 12 people who are willing to be voices... wish I had an artist who can draw people though....

Thank you and goodnight....

19 March 2015

current assessment of the situation

I've been thinking about lately. I hope to find my path by going to college outside of this state. I am also working on a way to publish my next book and my next animation. Somewhere down the line I'll be creating something stupid for people to not watch. Thank you and goodnight.