16 March 2018

Having worked day 3 now

Slow ass fucking little shit. Can nearly lift anything and he's my age. Fucking sad. Anyways, time to work on my next project, by myself since someone has yet to give me any music to work with. I have now worked on four different portions of my project so it should be coming out pretty soon. Within the next two weeks. My next books I have been working on but progress is slow.

Again about the slowest fuck in the entire store, no wonder the DC sent him to us. They couldn't handle his ineptitude.

Walmart day 2

I... called out sick bloody sinuses... anyways...

The real day two. Started off with a bang, seriously the purple haze flavor. It's almost like grape. I'm so happy.

Then instead of forcing me to work in the back with people, I get to fix an entire department. Yay freedom. I get to dance and sing and make happy times. What can go wrong?

Then I had no choice but to work with some guy who is quite litterarly the slowest person to work at Walmart. I wish him pain and suffering.

11 March 2018

Walmart day 1

I'e worked at this place now for over two years and I found that they do not care about the customers or the employees. Or at least this one in particular doesn't. Then when you have general health and safety concerns, HR says they don't care. Then you try osha because a broken bailer that turns on randomly and tries to eat people's hands is bas, but they say they don't care. Then, frozen foods have indeed been left out past the time limit, by over five hours and then refrozen because "it looks fine". I'm just going to stop caring about my job of they can't care enough for any one else.

Anyways, day 1: not wearing proper attire for an unloaded and only working hours I am scheduled.  Nearly five in total including s full hour lunch. This is going to suck...

So far, no one has cared and I let management know that I have been concerned about my job since I refuse to listen to a woman who claims to be in charge but is the exact same position and title as me and has only worked here for two months.

03 February 2018

Next person

Sometimes I just wonder if people are trying to die. The way they drive or hitch hike or what not and I just wish they would be suicidal in a way that doesn' involve harming others.

02 November 2017


I think someone is intentionally blocking my internet and cell access around between midnight and one. I can't play videogames and when I looked at my phone, instead of showing signal nars, it showed this sign '🚫'. I don't know who would do this intentionally though.

31 October 2017

Well hell

Got my hours cut then put back into cosmetics in which took me over a year to get out of. Time for a change. I'm just not doing it anymore. Need to work on my get rich quick scheme or find a better place of work.

30 October 2017

Gaming yet again

So recently I had 4 days off. I played many games, got drunk and achieved nothing. Will work on my crap once I feel like it.

Thank you and good night.

21 October 2017


So lately I have been getting drunk and drawing a bunch of pictures... anyways to the main story.

I had a problem with my car yesterday, could not close my door so after twenty minutes of fixing it I get in to drive off. My tire was flat. I just felt so defeated after that triumph. So for the rest of work I was drained.

15 August 2017

My mind

Okay so my mind works like many I guess...  I have many different thoughts do i am trying to create an animation while creating yet another animation while creating a story board while writing a new book.... I do too many things at once so it hampers almost any progress. But here is a picture to what I am currently creating as an animation. I swear I am doing it the hard way, but I also know I like doing it this way for some reason. If there was an easier and free way I'd be totally into it.

Thank you and good night...

30 June 2017

Job job

New job hours means better days means better sleeping arrangement means more time of lucidity which means better conditions to work on projects. So far have filed many of my writings and will continue on until it is finished and then onward to bigger projects that are currently in "on hold" status. Hopefully, with this job change, I can finally get some of my personal projects done plus continue on with my extra work i put on hold over a year ago. Thank you and good night.

18 April 2017

Drunk enough I guess

My generation sucks. I see it now. I understand my generation needed more ads whoopings in order to respect others. Like at least 35 year olds and under. I had my was whooped and I, unfortunately, can now act like a good person when someone of my generation acts like a piece of shit... again my generation sucks...

Shroom lol


Been drawing like crazy. Lol

More to come

16 April 2017

It's been a while I guess

So, published another book recently and was trying to make a sequel... then mass effect adromeda came out and I felt compelled to play it... So even though I did the first rough draft I am now investing my time in a video game. I will return to active status on writing my books as soon as I get bored of the new game. Anyways, also started begging for extra cash for a side project for my mother...


So anyways, been a good time I guess. Idk.

Thank you and good night.

09 January 2017

Yay for updates

I figure that I need to publish crap once in a while to keep my blog up or whatever. Well, working on 3d models and not writing right now.... that is all...

18 October 2016

i just don't know anymore...

So, it all started with my co-worker's death. I cried nearly all work period because of it. Another co-worker came up to me that same day with a fucking smile on his face and asked me out... Inconsiderate little shit doesn't care about anyone but himself... Anyways, my kitty, Titan who I had for nearly ten years, is gone. He's never coming back... My poor puppy, Serenity I had for nearly twelve years, had to be put down do to cancer. And now I find out my brother is dating this whore and I swear if she hurts him the way she hurt my good friend, I'll beat her ass then I'll beat my brother's ass just to prove a point....

I am almost finished with the rewrite of my book, hopefully a final rewrite. I have been working on a script to try and create a cartoon with little success and finally something new I have been working on.

This new project is much harder than I thought it would be like. In fact this may be the only one I do. Hopefully I will actually produce something from it. Anyways very hard and will provide more updates for all those who don't read this carp.

Thank you and good night.

03 October 2016

my kitty

My cat is gone. He will never come back. I cried and cried. I don't know what to do so I'm writing my pain away. I miss my titan...

21 September 2016

the only home i know

I look out into the world from the confines of my own mind feeling lonesome and concerned for society. I watch the vehicles pass by and wonder if they see the world as I do. The voice deep inside tells of pain and misery but the image draws a different story. It suggests a happier place in which I can roam and be free to live with others in harmony and peace. I try and leave, try and reach the outside but the bars that surround me keep me secure. Then the nurse destroys my fantasy and I must become numb once more with the medication I must take.

16 September 2016

im an idiot sometimes

I figure if I Google things like ' my battery is stuck in my car' I'm kind of an Idiot. Well the terminal part is stuck to the battery because of corrosive chemicals and what not...

But anyways...

I have now been, well, nothing. I can say I work nights. I then spend An additional five hours a day, fourteen on weekend's, working on a side project while only sleeping 4-6 hours a day. This is trying to be productive on a project I started with nearly three years ago. No more further details about it. I can say that my books I wrote sick and will be ready to pulish one day hopefully.

Thank you and good night.

07 August 2016

cherry lemonade

If I could just stop being lazy and actually do something, I have big plans So hopefully I do do something. Thank you and good night.

03 August 2016


I quit smoking except when I'm drunk. For some reason drunk me likes to smoke. I also quit drinking caffeine, even drunk me can agree to this. Soon I'll quit eating out. Should stop flirting with the lady at Jack n the box anyways I think she's taken since she had not reciprocated any intentions back. It's hard to find someone without using all those apps and what not...


Done playing games for now. Working on my next book as if anyone cares. Need a new battery for my computer before working on animations or music so that will have to wait until I am willing to buy a new one. Meaning I don't care as much as I should, sorry...

Thank you and good night.

26 July 2016


So I have been playing video games and watching movies for a long time...  I understand sequels... They try too hard because the first one worked out, then after the second one bombs they could care less about a third one so the third one works...

What I'm trying to explain is that people should not care as much as they should because people will like them anyways. For instance at work, it is a job in which I must do but the job but as long as it is done I do not care much about anything else and yet people like me. Bassically be yourself and someone will like you eventually, though I'm sure guys only like my breasts... And don't try to be anything your not because it doesn't work. Oh and don't be like my manager, who I don't appreciate not respect and ignore on everything she says, don't stress out on every little thing because it is annoying and it will kill you faster. Oh and don't think of everything as being bad, try and find a positive spun on everything since negativity brings more negativity... Oh and working on some book. Thank you and good night...

20 June 2016


I have recently given into the fact that I have a problem. I am addicted to video games, mainly my xbox. All Microsoft's fault...

Anyways, after my court day, in which it's not my fault this time, I will try and do what I have been wanting to do and that is to finish my stupid book I have been writing, oh and if I am drunk and tired enough I will make a video. Hopefully a music video for that woman's bass thing. I'd call her a bitch but she's been alright lately.

I have weird days off and trying to transition to a normal status is hard. Meaning getting drunk on my days off is different than what it use to be now that I have a job I care about.

So have fun and keep safe. Good night.