14 December 2015

dating profile online

I am woman seeking man

I am 26

I am looking for someone who understands that I will quit smoking and drinking for the right person. Someone who has a job and understands that I have a hectic work schedule. Someone who understands that when I say "I have an idea" it means I have an idea that needs to be done and not something like I'll go off and fuck someone else... No.. What I say is what I mean. Who understands that I will try something and if it doesn't work I will try it again as long as you are there to tell me how stupid I am being. Someone who can tell me the truth without shame and laugh with later.

Ethnicity I do not care

Age depends on what I  think

Someone who will play a video game and say "I need help with this achievement"... I will help if I am there...

Who is will this be?

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