31 January 2016

quitter damn

So I quit smoking which means something different to me than many others I guess. I still smoke when I drink which is about once a week or when I feel like killing my coworker and she pisses me off much. She called out yesterday because she was hung over and today she wants my sympathy because she had to come in... Okay enough bitching.

Turns out the constant threat of rains may delay the work on my office for the next few months or so. Instead I plan on creating a quick solution to my problem which should work and move my progress along, but not exponentially unfortunately.

Finally, the books I have been working on. Due to my attention span I have been forcing my self to work on them, I just end up working on other projects at the same time. Though I am still hopeful something will be shown by June.

I leave off on one note: if you can't come into work after a night of drinking then may be you shouldn't be drinking. I'm four years older than her and I still pull all nighters and can come to work the next day at four am.

Thank you and good night.

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