23 October 2012

A note

I would like to lie and say that I have been too busy for this stupid blog I created, but that's not the case, I simply just have no care to keep posting random nonsense on a regular schedual. Yes, I may have a few jobs I am currently invested with, and a school I go to, and somewhat of a social life that I take part in, but I do have enough free time to create a small post on a blog site I started so many years ago, without any intention of actually putting more than just one post on at the time I created it.

Maybe it's fear that stops me from placing words into an open internet sight for all to see, maybe it's a lack of will power to strive to keep it alive, but what ever the case is, I have actually created something that I have accepted as a place I can come to at random times to just enjoy the moments and the pleasures of and allowing others to do the same.

I'm not sure if any one actually reads this crap, or just visits this random site because of the name, but I do know that those who do read this may actually know more about me, at this current time, than the people who I socialize with within the real world. Though, I have no intentions of sharing about my favorites or my pets names or such, I do however hope to share something much more personal.

As of now I will try and share, as time continues, some of my writings, my creations, my hidden life. No, it's not all about sex, though it is a part of my hidden life.

------- Kriss.

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