24 October 2012

Lost memories

One time, while I was working, I had an elder man come in, look at a bag of cracker jacks and say "I haven't had those in so long." I replied "well it's not that much and there's a prize inside" he replied "I don't want to tarnish my memories. If I get some now, I would wonder to myself if it's the same taste as it was before."

I went searching for my old pictures; I had them stored on a floppy disk which I had placed onto cd, then a sandisk. I just can't find that sandisk or cd. I would like to find my old memories I had stored, see why I lost my inspiration to draw random pictures and hopefully recover it once again, though sometimes older memories are lost for a reason and maybe I'll just need to find some new ones.

I'll try and post some new ones here. I will, eventually learn, that it's okay, that I can't be the crappiest illustrator there was, and if I am, at least I will have accomplished something.
---- Kriss

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