15 December 2012


Finals, work, sleep, Halo 4. I finally have some time for myself now that finals are over.

If I had a million dollars, I would change it into a hundred million pennies, and then I would drill a hole in the middle of them, package them up, and sell them as washers, 25 to a dollar. Four times the money.

I need to start looking for a place to live. I need to find something that I can purchase with the few dollars I have in my bank. I figure as long as I get lots and lots of land, I will be happy. I have been searching for one for a while, I found one for 9 thousand, small but it could have worked. I was just hoping that with the world coming to an end and all that, all those people out here afraid of zombies and the terror of hills have eyes, which they would start selling off their homes as fast as possible. I think housing prices out here have decreased some, but not enough. Maybe after the end of the world, after people go off on riots and killing rampages which I am looking forward to watching on television (please no more children’s deaths, those make me cry for some unknown reason) that maybe I would be able to find a nice murder house for cheap with few bloodstains.

I recently wrote a large portion of my book, well on a computer that is rather than hand written. My writing style sucks. Almost ten thousand words done, only about ninety thousand left. Thank you. And now a picture that has nothing to do with my book:
This is exactly what I was afraid of. This whole post right here. I have been tired. I have been out of my mind lately, some days I can't even remember how old I am. I recently told my co-worker I was twenty-eight. I'm not twenty-eight, I just could not remember. I was going to post yesterday right after my last final, but then I saw on the news what had happened, and then my eyes became a bit watery and I just thought it would be wrong. I made it through my semeseter of college, only a few more left to go. I hope I can get money to go to a real college or university, and if all else fails, I can always sell my paintings. Even though that almost never works, I can still try.

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