09 May 2013


So, I purchased a scale today, first scale I've had in, well since I was seven. Last few times I was weighed was at the doctors, first time I was 168, second time in December I was 172. Now I'm 160. Amazing. I kept telling people I weighed 180, not just for shock value, but because I honestly thought I would weigh that much by now. Meaning, if I keep up this whole training thing I've been doing, and within a few months I may achieve 140, and I will be in better shape and be able to quit smoking and, yadda.

Even purchased a sports bra so I can run a whole lot more than just a few yards. Now all I need is a pair of sweat pants that actually fit and to learn how to wear proper sneakers and not boots all the time. I haven't worn sneakers since junior high.

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