24 June 2014


I have been having some troubles with the book. editing, and creating the book and cover was fun. So was re-editing over and over again, but the problem I am having is what will happen when I do publish it. What will people say? How am I suppose to compete with other authors out there who have written in the same genre and were able to do better than I have? Will it be just as boring as every other crap that has been placed on shelves making people wish they never read it?

It happens, I hate spending money on a book only to find that it was one of the worst things I could have possibly purchased only to end up wishing I had my money back for something useful. Like food. Oh, how I do, however, have a plan. I publish this book in a different name than my real one. I'm saving my real name for my other book, one in which I have been writing for years. I am still, no where near done. It's my work of art.

Anyways, more updates available. About to get into contact with the publisher and try to find out what to do next and how to make it a possibility rather than just a dream.

Oh, and I will start up some sort of community chat forum thing like everyone else has in order to gain criticism for my work. Hopefully all the hateful words used to describe my book will allow me to create even worse ones in the future.

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