27 June 2014

Oh no

I'm not sure where to turn. I'm a little scared. It all started this morning, here is the long version:

Went to work early, got work done, found out no load came in, had nothing to do except other things so it was an easy day, met a guy who said I was attractive and got his number, turns out my car is perfectly fine I was freaking out over nothing, finally got my new phone after a month of being 'alone', got home and worked on my book. This guys wants to go hiking with me at night.

Anyways, he's either going to kill me and rape my dead body, or he assumes I'll have sex with him.

My book. I know it's not real publishing, and that I may not actually make any money off it, but my words will be out there for people to read and hate. I hope most people who publish are not fully in it for the money, but are happy to have it out there for at least one person to read. With that being said, read my book when it's out. I think it'll be free some days on the kindle version for you to download. And if you're willing to pay for it, which would donate to my new house I plan on buying. Well, not new, more like pay for my house right now, then I would be willing to accept it. It will be in physical form as well. Thank you all. ---Kriss

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