12 January 2013

Oh my

If I was rich, I wouldn't drive any fancy new car or anything like that, I am now too close to my own. I think I'd pay to get her raised another six inches or ten inches off the ground, only because I think that's the reason why half my exhaust was torn off, and then put on bigger tires, so I can actually race her safely on dirt. I bet she would love that, being able to go 80 in dirt without having to break apart so easily, and of course get her exhaust fixed, and a new gas tank since half mine is dented in.

Fucking people on the road, speed up then slow down, the speed limit is 55, stay that speed limit, and then don't decide to floor it as a car tries to pass you because you're a fucking idiot doing 40 miles an hour and thinks that they own the road, and then you people should never pull out infront of a car doing 85+ (my spedometer only goes up to 85 I really have no clue how fast I go once she hits that mark) because you want to die. I'm quite sure, that with all these people with thier newer cars from the 90's and 00's would get crushed by a metal car. Thank god she has a new transmission and motor.

I should just get a really big older chevy from the 40's, preferably 46.

I swear more and more people have a death wish or something, I see idiots pull out in front of semis making the semis slamm on thier brakes, and hitch hikers running out into traffic to try and get people to stop. Oh, and a crazy lady doing yoga in front of on coming cars. That was a terror.

Oh, and then, I have been reading the paper, mostly for the sherrif's calls as I always do, and I'm seeing more and more calls, in every issue for the past few months, about parents calling the police on thier kids for stupid things. A four year old refuses to listen to his parents, they call the police. A brother and step brother are arguing, they call the police. A sister hits brother because they faught over a piece of furniture, they call the police. I mean really. I understand that there are certain circumstances in which the police need to be involved within a family matter such as that but really, if they can't deal with thier child then what's the point of them even having thier children in the first place?

You know, I feel bad for the police. They say that the police are not always there when you need them, well, that's because they have to deal with stupid shit like a little girl who refuses to eat her dinner.

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