23 January 2013


So I keep trying to post on this site. I have no true clue why but I would like to first say that I love how people don't read this, which makes me feel a whole lot better about this. So now that I know this, I can actually start posting things that are more about me rather than trying to say, in many different ways, about how I will post something.

So, there's this person I have been trying to flirt with for over a year now, I know they're not married, I know they don't have kids, I know more about them than people I've known in my life for much longer. I think it's about time to try even harder with this. Maybe ask thier first name rather than only knowing thier last name. I'm sure they know mine. Last time I tried to be with someone, things went wrong, but it has been about six months now so I think it's about time to try again. Hopefully I get to see them again, I really want that.

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