12 February 2013


Well, I've been watching the news, it's depressing. So, I've decided to take my mind off of it and try and write something here.

I wrote a partial of a book now, I think of it as three parts rather than 13 chapters because I like it that way. Lately, I came to a stand still on my writing. Writing a short story is easy, writing a 400 page book is difficult. So, here's some of my thoughts:

I have decided to write a book, one that I would like to call "This is the Title Right Here" of which there is a main character, and some other characters who do things together like talk and fight and love then kill each other. There is a plot to my book with a setting within a place and other places along the way to that place. Then there is a development of words between the antagonist and the protagonist (which I can't remember which one is which nor what those words truly mean) even though they never ever fully have met yet. Then stuff happens and that's about where I am stuck on. After that stuff happens that leads into a deeper more confusing tale into my story since it's a story within a story with many random side stories within that all creates one big story in order to tell a story for the readers to not enjoy nor understand what so ever. Oh, I forgot to mention that there are indeed a lot of verbal disputes, craziness, and skin contact fighting, and perhaps a sex scene.

Here is a small verbal portion to my story:

"So how'd it go?"

Have fun trying to figure out what  kind of story I wrote because even I don't know.

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