06 March 2013


I would like to say how super hard it is to keep posting on some random sight no one will ever read, but in actuality, it is getting easier and easier. This is mostly because I know no one wants to read this, and if they do, then they obviously have nothing else better to do.

There are times when I look in my rear view mirror and hope that I will see an accident happen. Sometimes I hope that someone will hit my car as I am driving, not for money, but just to see what it is like to be in a car accident. Sometimes I wonder about the mentality of others I meet at work. I wonder how can a child read better than a full adult, how can a child know how to use a restroom better than an adult, how can a child know better than their parents about stealing, and when the child is caught stealing, the parents give them a stern talking to, and yet the adult goes right on stealing something right in front of the child like it's some sort of "do as I say not as I do" rule.  Everyday, there is at least one adult who comes in and acts like a child, yelling, cussing, throwing things because he (or she) cannot use the bathroom at that current time. Everyday there is at least several people who like to compare prices, to tell the same jokes that have been used many times before, the bathroom being made a mess by adults shitting or peeing on the floor or in the sink rather than in the actual toilet, people who toss their trash on the floor even though there is a trashcan within ten inches away from them, someone who tosses their soda or coffee on the floor because we do not have the type of creamer they want and then they storm out, or a man who thinks he's better than everyone and tosses his money at the cashier when there is a long line because he doesn't want to wait, then comes back in and yells at the cashier for not putting the money on the gas pump they want. It gets harder and harder everyday to just smile, to fake the laughs, to act like nothing ever happened the day before, to act like it's the first day on the job and that the only way to prove it is to do the best job ever to prove they are a needed person.
People wonder why I am anti-social. I wasn't like this before I got a job and realized how people actually are. Most seem to be disgusting freaks who I would obviously never want to be invited over to their place since, if they can't use a public toilet properly, they obviously don't know how to use the one within their own home.
The only thing that makes me smile at work now are very few customers. one of which I have seen pick up random trash up the floor that is not his and throw it away. One who comes in smiling all the time no matter how bad things look, and there are times I was quite sure he was faking it, but he did a good job at it which makes me try harder to smile for the rest of the day. Then there are few of my regular customers that I smile for because I know at least they clean their own messes up. Then a few others, but overall, it seems like a bunch of disgusting freaks. More disgusting freaks than the others from what I have seen. This means that a 'normal' person is suppose to not clean up their messes, that they cannot read or use a toilet, they yell argue cuss and throw tempter tantrums, and they cannot come up with their own jokes and, instead, use the same ones over and over again. Now, again, just my opinion, which is only based off of the people who live out here. I hope that not every place is as fucked up as this one.

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