16 March 2013


Got my new strings for my bass, only took a few days since ordering, or so it felt since I was not really thinking about it at the time.
I also finally got my registration for my car, which I purchased in December, was sent on March 14, finally came today. Can't wait for registration on my other car, since I paid for that in February, It should come sometime in May, same with my license plates, and my W2, which I had to pay for twice, will come sometime in June or July. Amazing how well the postal service is doing, or may I say, the fine work of the DMV. Since the DMV did not charge me for the second sets of my registration, and they were so kind enough to say it was their fault in a sense, I might as well bring the extra back to them, after all, no one wants to pay 50$ each for them so I might as well.
So been playing the Bass, writing another book since they said no to publishing the one I just wrote. That's okay, while I write a second one I shall keep trying until I get a yes.
I noticed it is much easier to publish short stories and poems than it is to publish a full novel. With Short Stories and Poems, it's like no one ever says no, and I've received candy awards for each one, but with Novels, everyone says no and no one likes to give out pieces of useless paper saying what a good job I did with something or another. This might not be the case for most people, but that's how it is for me.

About me snippet:
My first book I wrote, I was in junior high school. Never tried to get it published nor did I even type it up. It was my first attempt at a full book which took up a lot of paper. I first published a poem in High school my sophomore year and received my first award, and editors choice award that I am quite sure they gave out to every single person who published with that company, then another poem the next year, and the year after that, same candy awards, one of which my poem ended up in the local news paper.

High school I wrote in the newspaper, or rather, a magazine which was featured in our own local news paper, the second time my name made the news paper not including principals honor roll or honor roll listings. All this I did while continuing to write other novels and such, none of which I have tried to publish.

Then I published four short stories in college, and one in the college short story book thing. I also published yet another poem which received yet another award. I have only received awards for my poetry, all of which are awards that everyone received. I am quite sure of it. Now, I have tried to publish my book, which so far two companies have said no to. So, now I continue to write yet another story, while trying to find someone to publish my stupid book.

I have read over so much of my old stories knowing that yes, I do suck at writing, or at least my stories seem to suck. They just don't work the way I want them to. Now you know my little story behind my stupid stories. 

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