19 March 2013


Well, during a session of class today, the teacher asked if I had a couple of minutes to talk with her so I did. Apparently, every time I am in this class I have looked like and acted like I am on drugs. I think this is a form of profiling because I have long hair which I rarely brush and I wear different clothes than the others. She even admitted to indulging in a little smoking now and again at parties and such but she explained that I should keep it there and away from my academics.

I have no clue how to respond to this other than doing a pee test to prove I am not on drugs but even then it would not be exact proof. So it seems I need to shave my head and fall into place like the rest of these people. To give more of an insight into it, I live in a town full of marines, right next to the largest marine base, yes the largest one. This is what I get for being in a different type of family I guess. I'm not even originally from around here. Only came because land was cheep and plentiful.

I always thought it was illegal for a teacher to accuse a student of being on drugs.

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