10 March 2013


Okay, so I have one more post today. I decided, to finally join, or create a twitter account. First it tells me to follow five people, so I do. Then it tells me to follow five more people so I do. Then it tells me to find my own friends to follow. Oh then it made me invite people, stupid Internet thing. Why does it have to be so hard?
This is complicated. Then I have to find a picture to use of myself. Like I'm going to show off my ugly face to the world. Oi. Describe myself sweet, my favorite part. Confirming account information.
After all that, what sucks is trying to figure out how to remove all those people from my list of people to watch tweets from. Unfollowing people is hard. Now I feel like an Idiot. I have two degrees, for what, for the Internet to make me feel like a complete idiot, and loser. Thank you so much Internet.

Now, I can finally twitter about random crap all the time like everyone else, awesome. Umm, I guess I'm under @KrissSavario or some shit like that.

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