12 March 2013


Nothing, I just feel compelled to post is all. I have nothing new to talk about or anything like that, I just felt like I had to post something, so.

Lit the candle for the night, not for anything special, but because I have no clue on where my lighter is. I used a single match to the light the candle then I light the cigarette that I am addicted to and smoke it. Currently drinking a fruit juice rather than alcohol, I do not like alcohol all too much, and type on this computer because I am trying out something new. No twitter of course, no need to do such a thing so early within the account's age as the same with the blog.
Seems as though there is time to waste, or rather time I found that I can act productive in. To write something, to paint something, to play something upon the instruments I have aquired. Tomorow would be the same as today, only time to spend doing something that seems rather productive but is not entirely. Just a small amount of time.

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