27 March 2013


Yesterday was the first day in over twelve years that I have been to a dentist. I had my top two wisdom teeth pulled plus that hole in my tooth filled. I think tha worst part was a few hours after they were pulled, all my top teeth hurt at once, but the pain steadily went away. I wish he would have done my bottom wisdom teeth first, those are the ones that actually hurt, but I understand that the top widsom tooth was hiding a part of that hole so he had to pull it to get to that hole. Tommorow I finish up getting the rest of my wisdon teeth out, then sometime in april is when  I get the rest of my teeth finished. I've so far spent around two-thousand fixing my car and teeth in the past couple days so after thursday I'll need to work for some more money.
I was in pain so I did drink a bit of wine before bed to help me sleep. I don't like red wine.

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