10 October 2014

okay, got this

Well, I've been dwelling on the fact my computer is temporarily unavailable for the time. My older computer does not work online, again because it's older. So now I need to use this device which I have not been able to fully figure out, except for usage for reading books. Anyways, it works on this site so I'm good to go. What is being made at the moment are more animations for the music that has been given to me. Meaning I have to make something for that crapy stuff that no one will ever listen to, so I can get paid something. I'm also in the process of writing, as I always am. Got several new paintings and drawings, basically all kinds of art for me to play with for a few extra dollars. Good because I like having money for food. I quit drinking monsters, I love them and I love not having insomnia, but high blood pressure scared the heel out of me. Which brings me to my next point. Addiction. That will be the topic for the next few things to be created. Not my writings of course. That's more for me to laugh at and wonder what idiot would buy those cheap books. That is all the news for now. Thank you for reading, and if not read at all, thank you for just coming on this stupid sight and ignoring my words. Thank you.

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