07 June 2013

a new web site

Well, I have come to the conclusion that I need to make a website. Not a blog but an actual website. Now, I make way below the poverty level and I can't afford a website, I can't even afford a house, just an empty plot of land to build on. Anyways, Just need to find something that will allow me to build a website for free and then later add stuff on that I would like, such as maybe possibly being able to add some pages to a fictional book I am writing just to  let others read it and say "hey that sucks, what the hell is wrong with this person?"

Yeah I'm doing this while I'm going around online looking for a web, and I already have one as well. Wow. And now I have one. Maybe I can change it and make it different just for my own use. Once the editor thing comes up and lets me use it. That's all for now until maybe tomorrow after work or before.

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