29 June 2013

Day Something or Other

So I've been typing and retyping and such at my computer and every few words I get this sensation that I have to write it out. so I do, then I type it out. Life was much easier when I could just write and fill a few notebooks of words without problems. I find myself needing my glasses more and more and hating the computer system of which I type on. I miss real paper sometimes.

Work has given me the opportunity to work part time, well not the opportunity, more like forced to work part time, so now I'm going to try for management since I no longer can finish my college degree, and since all I have is that job, might as well move up, get more money and such. Actually have money for things I could do like fix my car, build a garage, and I'll have time to finish my book.

I counted it out, I pay about 4,000$ in gas a year, which is not so bad considering I could be wasting a lot more. My car gets nice gas mileage for it's year, around 34 miles to the gallon for a '95. I have and am unable to change how gas works in a vehicle. Seriously. it's all magic to me. Now door panels I can handle.

Question, how is it that may car gets almost the same gas mileage as those newer cars that have been coming out? I thought that the whole point for making newer vehicles was to make the gas consumption rate less in order to save the environment. I am so tired.

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