30 June 2013


As much as I would love to blame the heat and the humidity, and complain about it, I don't see a point. There are many out there already doing so and I am okay with that. Unless they start bitching and complaining about it when I'm at work, which is annoying. That's why I hide in the backroom as much as possible, getting away from all those people.

It's a nice day, high humidity because of clouds circling the area, and might I add only 103 degrees Fahrenheit. (They say it was suppose to get up to 113, I doubt it)  Then there is a soft breeze in the air.

It is quite hard to think clearly right now with nothing more than a box fan to cool me off, and a nice warm shower.

The reason why I have been updating this blog is to try and do something on a frequent basis. I usually start a project and never finish it, except for my book that I created with my own two hands. The one I hand sewn together, actually I created more than one now. I've created four all together. I create one for a specific reason, then another for another reason, then another. I need to create one more for more reasons.

What I am currently working on:
  • Writing my ideas down on paper so I can create a book. Maybe for others to read. I'm not quite sure if I like people reading my thoughts. Specially those kind of thoughts.
  • Creating a glass tree. I like the idea of playing with broken glass, sharp metal, and fire. Sweet.
  • Sewing together a new book for reasons. As stated prior.
  • Learning bass so I can become a famous rock star. (This one is a delusion. Delusions are fun.)
  • Finding someone who is willing to rent a room at the house for very cheap. I'm not in it for the money, I just need help paying the bills.
  • Figuring out how to make a cartoon. I can animate butterflies, but I can't draw.
  • Read new books to learn new words.
  • Make up words for fun.
  • Creating some new poems and short stories. I haven't created a short story in a few months. I am lacking on that one. So I started it up again, but my view seems different than the others.
  • Gain all the achievements on that Xbox game. Maybe later, I am tired of playing video games. It's beginning to feel like the same type of games over and over again. Can no one come up with a very unique idea that will gain my interest and support. PlayStation is upsetting too, same with Wii and all that good stuff.
  • Finally, help a friend out who's been a little depressed lately. This one I've actually been working on for a while now. I understand what he's going through. When I went a year without work or school I was, I hated myself. His boss fired him for something he posted on Facebook not even relating to the work itself and now his boss is going around telling everyone he made terrorist threats so it's hard for him to get a job. Illegal for an old employer to do in this state, yes, but it's not like he could just find a lawyer. They're not cheap, I know, wasted three months pay on one because of personal issues.
Oh, and I am still trying to figure out all about how to use this blog. I don't play well with computer programs or electronics. I'm surprised this blog has lasted this long. Normally I get all embarrassed by my ranting, but because now I know no one reads this crap, I feel better.

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