02 July 2013

Well now

Either I got a virus doing what most every does online or I clicked something I wasn't suppose to. Anyways, thinking this laptop was broken for sure, I went in search of one of my old ones, which turns out one of them wasn't truly broken. I should have looked into it more carefully. My plug for it, for some reason, is broken and since I have no battery for it, that was why it wouldn't turn on. Should have been the first thing to consider before buying a new one, yes. Anyways, it just turns out that I'm an idiot and not exactly cursed when it comes to technology. Things are looking up for me. I don't know what to do with the other one. Maybe I'll go back to that one and place this one away for later, for stuff, I don't know. I'm excited right now.

Maybe my cell phones and my calculators were not really broken either. Amazing.

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