04 July 2013


Bassically-- I've been a little depressed about everything that has been going on right now. No more school, no boyfriend because I'm afraid of men, my work pay sucks and they cut my hours, I can't find any other job who would pay me enough to be able to get a house. I don't drink or do drugs and everyone I know does this so why hang out with people when I don't want to partake in anything they want to do. Most of my friends are married with children already and I feel like I need something more. We talk, we just don't do anything because we have nothing in common. I have two best friends, one who is not allowed to talk to me because his wife doesn't let him, and one best friend who's too high on meth to listen to my problems or help me out when I need her. Only one friend I have I can actually talk and relate to. I'm at the point of my life where I want something more out of it and I can't get it.

Then today, I learned one of my best workers is thinking about leaving the company and in return I get three of the shittiest employees now. I think I need a break from all this shit that's happening.

Luckily, my friend only sleeps a few hours a day and we're talking about all the shit that's happening in life. Life will get better, it always does.

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