05 July 2013

Something new

I remember many, many different things.

I was afraid of the police for many years, not because of anything my parents did, or anything I saw or heard on television. In my case, when I was four, almost five, I had a babysitter who's husband was a cop. I would be handcuffed to the closet quite frequently by both, and after a while when they learned my hands were too small for the handcuffs (my hands would just slip right out) they began locking me within the closet.

That's just one of the many babysitters I had when my father called himself a "stay-at-home-dad".

Anyways, I'm not afraid of police anymore. Took several years and a trip to the police station where I got a teddy bear before I saw them differently. I was seven at the time. Now, I see them as people since they're always coming into the place I work. Seriously, most of them are just as annoying as those other freaks, except they actually don't trash the store.

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