11 September 2013

Saying it

I'm noticing a lot more sex in music videos. It's nice and all, but what about the violence, the blood, the gore. I want more violent ones. And some of those music videos with sex and sexual content within them don't make any sense as to the lyrics of the song. Well, in a weird and twisted sense it does, but it doesn't.   More violence! More please, now. Thank you.

I have one, maybe a sexual scene where violence happens because some one came in and killed them because in actuality that man was married to the woman who was cheating on him with another man, or woman. Or, maybe after the violence then comes the sex. I don't know. just more violence. And I want some sad songs, the type that make me cry or want to cry. I want to see a really sad music video, more of those too. Maybe add all three factors.

Nothing to report......

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