31 May 2015


Ever had a movie you wanted to see but could not watch?
Well, I have. I admit some movies I try and watch online for free before buying, just like "Miss March"... Today I try and look for " Baseketball"... I have no clue if I like it or not, the reason why I look. I find myself still looking.  Because I try and post something weekly due to a feeling of being forced into it, I post that.
 Anyways, it is summer and we have a drought so, I only ate a BBQ pork sandwich... Lost 5lbs and yet, if it gets hotter than 102 degrees I may not eat anything... 140lbs is what I weigh, usually at the end of summer, and I hate it. 155lbs is good for me. Got my breasts and a body of weight people are afraid of. Mostly because I can lift 220 and leg press 375... I don't like looking like a weak person who can't toss a 200lb man...
If the temperature projected is correct, then 113  will make me wish I worked more, meaning all my artwork I do will come to a vault and that I may end up being a size 6.
Some people would love to have my problems, but not feeling hungry does suck and people do not understand. When I eat a lot I may not gain any weight, but when I just am not hungry and do not eat I lose around 5lbs a week and people think I have an eating problem calling me anorexic or blemic which hurts.
I'm certain people who do not have my problem do not understand my concerns about my weight. They may say "stop complaining at least you're skinny." Thing is, there is a thing as too skinny which I try not to get to and yet it seems I may end up like that which sucks.... New topic... New post...

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