23 April 2013

5000 words

Well, the short story I cut down to about five-thousand words. Why? Because it's a short story and doesn't need all that extra fluff like what his favorite color is since it doesn't apply to the main story. I don't even put a hair color on him because there is no need to. Short sweet and to the point.
Within the next few days I will publish this short story and hope that people who hate it were actually able to read it rather than reading a sentence over and over again to actually understand it. I hate that so much. Sometimes I pay money for a book only to throw it away after the third chapter. I need to read it out loud to make sure it makes sense first, then publish, then continue with that novel.

I remember being in English class one day and we were doing short stories. I mean, really short. Like one line short stories. Here is one of mine:

"Orange and yellow, Colors of death"

Some people just don't understand.

In class we also did stories that were 250 words  to about 14,000 depending on what she wanted. That wasn't cool.

She also had us pick a word and write 20 pages worth about that single word, that was fun. Actually makes 2 page essays seem like nothing.

Did poetry of all forms

 Questioned why writing as an art has so many rules that cannot be broken. I hate that. Later found out these rules can be broken if you want to but no one reads them or wants to, maybe because the rules that are being broken make the novel almost unbearable.

Always preferred to write something new rather than bring something old up much better.

Learned that I can stay up for three days straight and that being in that state of mind actually helped in writing.

Later found out that while in that state it's hard to actually see the keyboard or the screen but the pounding continued anyways coming up with many spelling errors and then later being unable to fully know what the word should be and trying desperately to read it. Even spell check can't help with how bad the words came out.

Also found out I like to hurt my character the most when I've had a bad day at work or someone pissed me off enough.

I think I typed enough on this today. I've been trying to keep up with this blog. :) (Smiley face)

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