30 April 2013


I haven't went swimming since high school. As a matter of fact, I haven't done so many things since high school and now it seems like it's the best time. I swam for nearly an hour. That was nice.

Problem is, that now that I have been posting a new blog on here on somewhat a regular basis, I feel like I have to keep it up. I'm just too tired to think straight. I've been tired for days.

Reason why, because I can't stop thinking. Now that I figured out what to write or even how to write it, I've got so many more things to write and I can't stop writing it. I do keep going back to the first book I wrote in between writing other things. Now every time I think, like I suddenly wake up with this thought in my mind I have to put it down on paper. Fun not being able to sleep. the other day, I found myself outside running from a bus, a figment of my own imagination, because I sleep walk. I got out through my window, tore down my curtains and everything. It sucks. There's more than one reason why there are deadbolts on my door. (That kind that needs a key on both sides to unlock)

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