12 April 2013

Late Nights

I'm sure it gets harder and harder but I found out one of the hardest things with writing which has been nagging at me for years now but has gotten worse since I started to try and write a full novel.

Usually when I write a short story I would stay up late in order to finish the full thing whether it would be simply 500 words of up to 10,000 words. there were even times when I would stay up for a few days and write several short stories (which by the way I just received word that one of my submissions was published within a literary magazine for a small college. Sweet, now I can be famous. anyways) and it would end after that for maybe a month or even a year but now it's worse. For the past few days I have found myself staying up till one or two in the morning and waking up early like six or seven in the morning just to continue writing. I would normally have a problem with it since my normal work schedule would have me wake up at four in the morning sometimes three to get to work on time but since I have been scheduled for the late shift it's alright right now until my schedule is fixed.

The past few days I will try and sleep and the  suddenly jolt back up, grab my laptop, a different one in which does not go on the Internet, and type. I would then end up doing this dance over and over until my laptop's battery dies.

I have written within the past two days 20k words making it only 40k words. I gave up on the others for now, and I still have to keep going. I only took time away because I am getting frustrated at  how much it sucks. There are times when I write in third person and there are times when I write in first person with all the different positions such as omniscient and such (I'm too tired to fully remember all of it). I so badly want to read it over and change so much but not yet, it's not even close to being done yet and there is still so much more to put into words before fixing it but it's getting harder and harder to do because I am just so tired and having a head ache and my teeth hurt. My eyes hurt. I wish my glasses were fixed, it would make it better for me to see the screen.

The hardest part of all this is trying to figure out how to shut it off, and I don't mean my laptop I mean my mind. Unable to stop thinking about it constantly. Though there is one good thing about it all, with writing I can go into my own little world and picture everything around and just go off and play within it. I get to create whatever happens to the characters within my own story and I get to do what ever I want in the world I create and have fun with it. I'm writing what I enjoy and I have a nice little idea as to what kind of writings I like to do. I think it's more of a thriller of some sort. I'm not to sure what other genres it can be categorized as but I know it's a thriller.

Time to go back to writing more words to my book which most likely little to no people will read if I do get the chance to publish it. just like I know little to no people will read this. This blog post was a little too long. All my posts seem to be a little long, but that's what I do, I like to add in so much filler and crap.

Oh, one last statement or word or whatever. I do enjoy how much I am learning from the writing process. I get to search random things online that pertain to the book I am currently writing even if I don't use the information within my writing. I search something like a place or a historical event or an ancient lost civilization and I read it and save the information. I might enjoy learning about criminology at school but I never thought I would be learning information just for the fun of it. Other than how to speak a foreign language like Russian. I fell in love with the band "Korol I Shut" back in high school but being able to actually understand half the words now is nice. I had no clue the one song I loved so much, mostly because of the beat, was about one day being a king. I think that's what it means. About how people can laugh and stuff at him but he will be king.

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