17 April 2013

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Normally I would try and save up my money only to waste it all on food. I don't waste my money on chips of candy or things such as that, I usually purchase fruits and vegitables and meat. Lost and lots of meat. Today I spent almost 50$ on just meat products alone, and not just any meat products, it's all beef. Well it's all about the protien. I eat foods that are high in protien like crazy. I also ended up eating a whole banana a day. I love fruits and vegitables but it took a long time to get to this point with bananas because of the texture, I couldn't stand the texture but now I'm alright with it. In fact I love bananas now just as much as apples and oranges and etc.

Well, today I went to the library and spent a few hundred dollars on books because of a book sale they had going on. I may have to wait to finish up fixing my teeth but I believe it was well worth it. The way some of these books smell is amazing, not that I have some sort of creepy fetish to books, but being able to hold a book that was sold in the 1880's and being able to have that smell is amazing. I can't wait to start reading all these books.

Did you know, there are people out there that only go to those things to buy those books just to sell them online for much more than what they paid for. These guys were really pissed that the collection of Louis L'amour was purchased by someone else because they wanted them just to sell them on ebay for a whole lot more. I am so excited about these books. I think people should learn to read a book rather than buy them just because of the dollar value they hold. Still, my favorite book within my collection, only because I have two different editions, is my 'Psychopathia Sexualis' book. I have the very first edition and then the third edition. It's not because of the sexual content or anything like that, I'm still not that freaky, I just like how far the study has come over the past 120 years.

Back to the protien, I only spent so much because I went to a gas station rather than driving 20 miles to town for it because I just really wanted it. Why? Because I was trying to get someone to work out and I showed him how to do push ups and sit ups and I ran with him and it's really frustrating trying to train someone who has never really worked out before. I amazed myself, I lift weights and run but I have not done a push up in a few years. I was able to do 17 before my waste started to hurt. I think I should start doing push ups again. It made me feel impowered. Now if I could just get him to start wokring out with me, then I'll be happy. I hate saying "Don't lift your ass like that." so much to a man. I think he's just lazy.

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