18 April 2013

Post # Something,

Well, I have some what finished getting the story down on paper. Now I just have to reread it and learn not to keep rereading the first chapter over and over and over again but instead to simply reread all those thousands of words over and over and over again. In the mean time, I have a smaller story, a short story. I'm not sure if it is any good since I have never let anyone see it before, I was going to calling it a love story but I figure I'll be putting it up Amazon sometime soon for very cheap, only because it's around 10k words. Not really worth paying for. A short story is much easier to reread and rewrite several times whereas 70k words seem to take a whole lot longer. I figure, since I can't get past the first chapter without changing or editing something, it's going to take me months to edit.

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