14 April 2013

In general

I think I'm not fully satisfied with my life. I know my life could be worse, but I've been seeing people from high school who are married with children and others who are younger than me who are married with children.

My family wonders why I'm not married yet with children. Even my own grandfather believes I should have been married by now at least once. He's also alright if I was homosexual, which is weird but at least he can keep an open mind.

I've learned that employees that have been around for a lot less than I have are making more than me. Is it because they're men and I'm a woman? I just stopped working to my full potential, I even showed up an hour late to work today which is something I never do. I'm always early and ready for work and am willing to do the job to the best of my abilities and yet I just don't want to any more now that I know I'm not worth it. Took almost a year to put in my 90 day review.

December was when I just seemed to stop caring about my job and now it's gotten worse. I've been pissing people off, I've been counting all wrong, I've been bitching and complaining about nonsense. I was actually bitching about the music just to bitch. I've been giving away free refills and free drinks even though I'm allowed to, but even more so than usual because it's pissing me off.

The one thing I do not understand is how we can make more profits in the past few months that would generally allow us to have more hours, but then have our hours cut down by nearly half. Our profits have been up for months since the years prior and yet we lose our hours. I don't have insurance because I don't make enough and yet they expect me to show up to work in full health.

I'm pissed off at the entire situation.

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