04 April 2013

Yard work

Well, I figured out why my first book did not work. I read it allowed to myself, only a few pages, and I found out it makes absolutely no sense. I mean, after I went to an editor in town who happens to also be a professor at the college and she explained to me what was wrong with it. So, I decided to write some more other books. I have currently in the process of three different ones. One of which I have now finished almost 40k words on, another which has 5k words, and the third which has 14k words. I'm going back and fourth between the three, the one with the 40k words I have been working on more than the others. I found out that when I get bored with one I just go on to the other for a while. Another thing I have been doing is when I start hating what I write I keep working on that one until I get past that part and usually when I get past that part I find that i write something that does not go with the continuity of the overall story but since they are just first drafts I can always go back later and fix it. I just don't want to go back until I have finished the story. I have had that problem before where I would write a chapter then go over it again and again and again and never get to the story.

Thin Walls (Bad language warning):
Is it so hard to keep it down? Do you really need to fuck all day?
Hearing all this fucking shit is driving me insane.
My insanity is increasing because of the noises that you make.
I will snap and murder you. Oh, it will be a sweet escape.
I turn the TV up and up but it doesn't seem to work at all.
I hear every noise from within there because of these thin walls.
I will fucking kill you. I will wait until you're asleep.
I will stab you over and over so I won't hear another peep.
I just can't stand these sounds because it's keeping me awake.
It's every night and every day. I swear I'm at the point of break.
The walls are closing in and the shadows are moving around.
I haven't slept in days because of all these fucking sounds.
When the moaning finally subsides, I pray it doesn't start back up.
But then it begins again. I just want it all to stop.

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